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Project: Establishment of proteome-to-phenome relationships by network analysis

Anaxomics Biotech S.L.




About Chiara

I hold a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master in Mathematical Engineering, both from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy. During my Master studies I gained expertise in the fields of data and network science, and I got interested in their applications to the fields of complex systems and biology. I developed my Master’s thesis in collaboration with the Computational Biology group of Cambridge University (UK), investigating the use of graph neural networks for the analysis of biomedical datasets. After graduation, I joined the research group on Mathematics and Complex Systems at the Institute for Scientific Interchange in Turin (Italy), where I worked for one year on the development of a topological data analysis pipeline for the study of transcriptomics data.

As an Early Stage Researcher of the PROTrEIN ITN, my project focuses on the development of network-based approaches for analysing proteomics data and uncovering the molecular mechanisms that underlie human diseases. As proteins often interact with each other, network models might in fact have a great impact in understanding and explaining the behaviour of these complex biological systems. Within my project we also aim at developing tools to integrate proteomics data with other omics datasets and improve the visualization of complex data with multiple layers of information.

In my free time I like playing sports, practicing yoga, hanging out with friends and travelling. I especially love solo travelling, as it allows me to meet new people and discover new cultures. I enjoy both hiking in nature and walking around cities without any plans, just discovering new unexpected places!