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Project: The dark interactome – methods for discovering novel protein-nucleic acid interactions from complex samples





About Arslan

I have a BSc and MSc from Quaid-i-Azam university (Pakistan), in computer science major and Information technology. My research training started with a MSc in Electronics and Information engineering from Jeonbuk National University (South Korea). In this duration, I was working as graduate research assistant at the NSCL lab ( on different Bioinformatics projects related to genomics, proteomics, sequence analysis using state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Recently, I completed my research project, which is an expansion of my dissertations, “Modeling of Protein Post Translational Modifications Sites using AI: S-Nitrosylation and Ubiquitylation”. In this project I published two research articles in SCIE indexed journals on PTM sites S-Nitrosylation and Ubiquitylation.

In my PhD research, I will do one step higher work, as the project “The dark interactome- methods for discovering novel protein-nucleic acid interactions from complex samples”.

I have the perseverance and persistence needed for advancement in science and technology. I am an exceptional team player as well and a social butterfly, which I have repeatedly exhibited during my Master’s degree. I always had very good terms with my professors and colleagues, as I believe that innovation and inspiration is only possible through respect and team work.

I like reading, hiking, and travelling. Most of them, I found some tourist place and went for visit there, by flight or by own car with good music. I like food with very little chili. mostly, I like my home country food but in foreign countries, I go to Korean (little), Turkish, Uzbekistan region food.