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Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

Institute of Pharmacology & Structural Biology (CNRS-IPBS)



About Odile

Odile Burlet-Schiltz is Director of Research at CNRS and is the head of the Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry laboratory at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology. She has a long-lasting expertise in mass spectrometry of peptides and proteins. Her main research interests focus on mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics to study protein complexes, like the human proteasome, and to characterize post-translational modifications of proteins like phosphorylation.


The Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry laboratory headed by Odile Burlet-Schiltz at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology is engaged in several research projects and is also hosting a high-end facility equipped with state-of-the-art MS instrumentation and bioinformatics tools. It is recognized at the national level as part of the Proteomics French Infrastructure, ProFI.
Main research projects focus on the characterization of human proteasome complexes to understand their structure-function relationships and on the in-depth analysis of proteomes of various cells from the immune system to understand their specific role and to decipher signaling events. The group has gained worldwide recognition for its expertise in several aspects of MS-based proteomics (interactomics, phosphoproteomics, large-scale quantitative proteomics) and the development of innovative bioinformatics tools. Its long-lasting expertise in bottom-up proteomics has been more recently complemented by new skills in structural MS.