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About Judith

Judith Farrés is the Head of Collaborative Research at ANAXOMICS Biotech S.L.. She holds a degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. She was previously a research fellow at the Institute of Biotechnology ETH Zürich for 6 years and an EU project manager assistant at UAB Barcelona for 2 years. Since 2009 she is leading the research and innovation in ANAXOMICS Biotech S.L., the application of biocomputational tools based on systems biology to different pathological backgrounds.


ANAXOMICS Biotech S.L. is exploiting state of the art bioinformatics and class prediction approaches including an artificial intelligence-based analytical tool (TPMS) that evaluates experimental data in the context of biological networks. We are currently focussing on the development of cross-analysis of public molecular data sets and databases of real-world data. The patterns identified allow building individual patient models addressing individual variability and the development of in silico clinical trials tools.