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Project: Development of computational approaches for high precision and accuracy protein quantification





About Zahra

Hello, I’m Zahra ELHAMRAOUI, I’m from Morocco, I always had a deep admiration for science. I hold a high school diploma in experimental physics and a Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science. I also have a master’s in medical bioinformatics from the faculty of medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat Morocco.

Now I am a Ph.D. student at the Center for Genomic Regulation and the University of Pompeu Fabre, I’ll be working on the development of a machine learning tool to extract peptide stability patterns and predict peptide stability for new sequences, and of methods to explore the relationship between quantitative peptides and their sequence, post-translational modifications, polymorphisms, and point mutations, I get this enthusiasm for Machine Learning from curiosity to what extend can we go with AI?
I believe a successful person is a hard-working one, and we only live once so let’s try as much as we can.

Besides science, I truly admire my traditional Moroccan foods (couscous and tajin), I also like the horses very much, and also I have a little plan for visiting every country in the EU to cope with Ph.D. 😉