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Project: Development of a gamified application for public understanding of complex scientific concepts and biological data





About Prajwal

I like working on simulations and visualizations, mostly related to science. For the last four years, I’ve taught kids from sixth grade to twelfth grade, and worked on apps in the edu-tech industry. My specialization is computational physics and my master’s degree is in the same. But, in the last few years, I’ve focused more on interdisciplinary projects (AI, psychology, biology etc). Most of the visualizations are on my website

At the Gamification Group, I’ll be studying gamification approaches for effective science communication (specifically, in the context of genomics, proteomics, big data, AI). This will also include understanding the roles of various multi-modal approaches (eg. VR, XR) in science communication.

Regarding food, I like South Indian food. Mainly Rice. I specifically like the onions pieces in a pork chilli, but I don’t eat pork anymore. So, the new favorite? Chicken (in most forms, especially gravy types). But what I definitely do not like? Coconut stuff in vegetable recipes.

I like coding and automation. I spend a lot of time working on different coding projects. I also play music, mostly in choirs.