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Project: Improved algorithms and tools for the identification of novel proteoforms using top-down proteomics





About Ayesha

«A research engineer, having a degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from FAST,NUCES Pakistan, passionate about innovations and techniques to bridge the gaps between medical and engineering research».

I have experience of working as a research assistant, where I was involved in a range of research projects like algorithm designing and machine learning-based grid monitoring.

I bring along with me research interests developed in a fertile learning environment paving the path for research capabilities, along with a will to learn and a zest for challenges. I am a dynamic person who believes in continuous change and is driven by the philosophy of Japanese term «Kaizen» means continuous improvement.

In my PhD research, I am working on improved algorithm and tools to identify novel proteoforms using top down proteomics.

In my free time, I love to go to places far away from city life. I enjoy evening walks and often go to hilly areas full of trees to get fresh air. Sometimes I like long drives with my favorite music on. I love to eat and cook my favorite food is steak with white sauce and a lot of grilled veggies.