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Project: Algorithms and workflow for the deep characterization of the PTM landscape and PTM crosstalk





About Arthur

I have a BSc in biology with an emphasis in molecular and cellular biology. During that time I had the chance to learn more about microbiology by participating in the IGEM 2019 competition with the team of the University of Bordeaux. But also, by doing a short internship in Belgium where I approached the topic of toxin-antitoxin systems in the bacterial persistence phenomenon. I got introduced to programming during my bachelor’s and decided to pursue that path by enrolling in a master’s degree in bioinformatics. I performed the second year of that master’s as an Erasmus student at the university of southern Denmark where I had the opportunity to meet the team I am now going my Ph.D. with.

During this Ph.D. In the project, we aim to develop a novel PTMs quantification algorithm from Middle-Down mass spectrometry. In a second time, our idea would be to create new visualization methods and statistical analysis that could be used to unveil patterns in the PTM landscape. The final objective is to integrate various pre-existing and in-house tools in a fully autonomous pipeline for the quantification PTMs.

I suppose that the food that I enjoy the most is the one I have when I’m starving, but I’m even happier when it happens to be cheese.

Besides spending time with friends, which is probably what I enjoy the most. I very much enjoy music, both listening and playing. I am also very fond of manual work especially when this involves doing mechanics. Long drives with nice landscapes are also something I love to do when the time permits it.