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Project: Machine Learning predictions of peptide behaviour for improved identification of modified peptides





About Alireza

My BSc is Computer Engineering Software and my MSc is Artificial Intelligence Engineering. Since my BSc, I started working part-time as an Informatics engineer and later as a laser specialist. I figured out that in order to become successful in my future, except knowing about AI, I should expand my knowledge in the fields of project and time management so I participated in Project management and PMBOK Courses. After this course, I became Head of the Informatics department which all these 6 years of working experiences in different companies taught me a lot about teamwork, self-motivation, and self-discipline.

I am enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. I am also keen on combining my academic and industrial knowledge and gain more experience.
In my Ph.D. we are looking for sensitive yet reliable identification of modified peptides through DDA and DIA to complement the core modules in the lab’s existing cloud-based IonBot tool.

So, I have the opportunity to use my expertise for having more impact on society and I could vast my knowledge in new practical fields such as bioinformatics.
my passion is traveling and meeting new cultures to gain new experiences in my life. I also really enjoy walking and cycling with my wife.
I love to taste traditional foods from different countries but rather than that I like anything with coffee and chocolate.